Head Up, Walk, Shine Bright!!

Elegantly Graceful Program & Pageant


We all sparkle differently. Our mission is to help young girls to embrace & be inspired by what makes them each wondefully unique.

We teach that beauty comes from within. Beauty is our mind, our talents, & gifts. It is our connection to one another and our creator.

Program for All Age girls

EG Program is evolving the world of pageantry by changing the perspective of beauty, one girl at a time!


Courtesy, respect for the rights of others, kindness, integrity, good manners, & socially responsible behavior...these are all core principles taught to each Elegantly Graceful pageant participant. Etiquette isn't about being 'prim & proper'. It is knowing how to conduct ourselves, and how to treat others.

Health And Wellness

From positive affirmation, to physical fitness and spiritual connection, the Elegantly Graceful Program takes a whole body approach to health & wellness.


Program participants learn financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and the power of working together; valuable tools to help empower them, even into adulthood.

EGP is a program that was brought to my attention by my girl’s father in 2020. Then here comes the Covid pandemic, so we did not get to participate that year. My girls are 3, 5, and 7 years old; and trying to find something that ALL 3 could participant in at the same time, same place was extremely hard to come by. So, when Tiffany LaSha’ called and said “we’re starting back up virtually” I was elated! I was happy because I am an incredibly involved mother and I want my girls to be apart of a social group that promotes learning, growing, and becoming! They need to LEARN how to interact with their peers, they need to GROW by being exposed to many different things, and they need to BECOME great women that can pay it forward. EGP is just that! In just 6-8 weeks my girls have already been participating in a Financial Literacy Workshop, attended an Inspires Workshop, rode a horse, and gone skating. Their EGP schedule is BOOKED! And on top of all of that, they made some great new friends. EGP is not only a great program for young girls, but it also gives parents a chance to make great friends and bond as well. I LOVE EGP, and I look forward to the many years to come!
Shayla Irby
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