educate, Empower, Inspire

This is the mission of the Elegantly Graceful Program & Pageant Organization.

Our desire is to reach, teach, and cultivate young girls to see their worth while expanding their lens of the world.

Positive self-imagery, affirmations, along with educational & wellness workshops help our participants to courageously step into the best version of themselves, and  to SPARKLE with purpose!

Elegantly Graceful Pageant Program & Organization is intentional in its partnership with parents in the community to enable our daughters to shine from the inside out with elegance & grace.

Our foundation is sisterhood as we teach participants the power of connection.  Unlike traditional pageants, ours is not about competition, it’s about showcase.  It’s about young girls encouraging one another to do and be their best. It is also about celebrating each others victories.

In a world of chaos, Elegantly Graceful provides  young girls an environment to hope, dream, and  be empowered by God’s word that we are each uniquely and wonderfully made in His image.

The Elegantly Graceful Program teaches participants that beauty is embracing who you are, discovering your gifts, and always challenging yourself to grow, to ELEVATE.

Founded in 2019, the Elegantly Graceful Program & Pageant Organization has grown to include an AllStar Cheer team and Summer Camp.

Providing a place for girls to THRIVE, we are definitely “More Than Just a  Pageant”!

Parent Testimonials

I put my daughter Nia in EGP when it was first coming to life as an organization. She was very shy. Being youngest of 5 with 3 older brothers, her comfort zone was "being one of the boys". I wanted her exposed to other girls she could learn from and see her true beauty. Since joining EGP, she not only sees her self worth, but has a group of girls that feels more like family than friends! She's always super excited for EGP events, even keeping a calendar for what's next. This organization has become a lifestyle for my daughter. I am always happy to spread the word of how FANTASTIC the program is!
Tiffany W.
My wife and I enrolled our daughter in the EG Program to help build her self-confidence. She is beautiful, smart, and talented, but did not see herself that way. After participating in the first pageant, she went from a child who never looked you in the eye, to standing boldly & proudly in her own skin. She actually ended up winning her division! We are 2 years in. She has built friendships, is a budding entrepreneur, and proud member of the EGP AllStar Cheer team. Ms. Tiffany has really put a lot into these girls and it shows.
James T.