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EGP InspireMs Facilitators

Katrina Michele- Financial Lit & entrepreneurship

Cassandra McCrary-        EGP Inspires 

Stephanie Fowler- EGP Inspires 

Educator, best selling author, motivational speaker, enrepreneur, and all around ‘girl on fire’ Katrina Michele has an MBA from Clemson University & shows us there’s no limit to what you can do when you put your mind to it.  In partnership with her org Katrina Michele Presents, our participants receive valuable knowledge from a top notch educator that will serve them into their teens and adulthood. Her workshops have helped several EGP participants launch their own business. 

As an evangelist, Cassandra has a heart for the Lord that she openly shares with all she encounters. Our participants are blessed by her spiritual gifts and nurturing spirit as she facilitates our EGP Inspires workshops. These workshops are all about positivity, affirmation, and inspiring our youth to strive to be anything they can dream of .  

Stephanie is a spiritual counselor, personal trainer & and  makeup-artist whose warm, open personality,  and connection to God provide participants a forum to become comfortable in thier own skin.  In addition to physical fitness, Stephanie introduces positve affirmations to that reinforce self- confidence, self-awareness, and sets  the standard in the minds of our participants that they can DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE!